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3 Social Media Tools I use every day: Small Business Technology

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Posted on August 4, 2010 by admin

At WorkingPoint we use WorkingPoint to do our accounting and bookkeeping, and we struggle like you to streamline our processes so we can make the most of our most precious commodity, our time. We also believe in using the most effective, highest value technology to run our business (that’s why we use WorkingPoint!).

These 3 tools are things I use everyday for Social Media. They are additions to this great list of “10 Web Apps used by the WorkingPoint Team” from last month.  As the community resources and Marketing Manager I manage most of the Social Media. I’ve tried a lot of different tools, apps and processes before I found these great options that are actually fun and easy to use. Ultimately Social Media should be fun! These tools help me to wade my way through what can sometimes be an overwhelming amount of information and find the parts of it that will be the most useful for me, with minimum muss and fuss.

I also like these 3 tools because they are “clean”, both in use and in design. When you stare at a computer screen most of the day, having simple easy to use design just makes my day more pleasant (another reason I like using WorkingPoint).

1) Alltop

This blog aggregator enriches my Social Media in so many ways. I find the best and most popular articles to post on our Facebook Page and Twitter pages. I also use it as inspiration for topics for the WorkingPoint Blog, an important part of our Social Media efforts. I could (and sometimes still do) actively monitor all of the different blogs but this saves me so much time, and it gives me a way to scan the hottest headlines at a glance.

2) Tweetie

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to keep track of my twitter feed. This one is just nice to look at and fits neatly on my desk top. It’s a little slow to update my @messages and it takes some time to follow people (you have to click on their profile and then a drop down menu). But these days my desktop is so cluttered with so many different windows at any given time, I’ve become a huge fan of things that clean up my workspace and eliminate windows on my desktop!

3) Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter works best for your business when you actively engage in conversations with people who are talking about what you do. This is the easiest, free, way to find people to meet and talk to. I try to check in on my keywords at least twice a day, and I’ve developed a feeling for when people in my community are using and talking about these keywords.

*** I want to give a special mention to a brand new tool I just started using and experimenting with but that I like a lot already. Twylah is doing really exciting things with managing and monitoring content from Twitter and even though I just started using it a few days ago I’m excited about the potential uses. Stay tuned for more details to come or check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!