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Your Banking Integration Import Cheat Sheet

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Posted on July 15, 2014 by workingpoint

With our new banking integration, we have had some questions posed to our support team about the best way to handle different transaction situations. So we put together a cheat sheet on how to handle different transaction scenarios. Check out the steps below: they might help you too!

No matter what the case, you will always start out the same way:

First Go to Accounts > Mange Financial Connections > then click View on linked account you want to import transactions from. Then, download the transactions for the account by clicking Download Transactions in the right hand sidebar. Your list of available cleared transactions will display. Check the scenarios below to see how to handle the different cases.

If the transaction is new and not already manually entered in WorkingPoint AND the default category looks good to you:
Check the checkbox for that transaction under the Imported column and click Import Transactions at the bottom of the list. Check as many transactions as you like and import then all together: check the checkbox next to Imported at the top of the column to select them all!

If the transaction is new and not already manually entered in WorkingPoint AND you want to change the default category or something else:
Click the description link for the transaction and under Import Transaction choose a new bookkeeping account or make any other change and click Import Transaction.

You can also split up the amount of the transaction between different accounts. Just choose the first bookkeeping account and change the amount to the amount you want for that account and then click Import Transaction. The balance will show and the new balance will show and you can choose a new bookkeeping account for that amount and import or continue to split up the amounts until you hit 0.00.

If the transaction is old and already in WorkingPoint:
Skip the import process entirely OR click the Description link and click Disable Importing in the right hand sidebar. Disabling the transaction is an important step if you want to enable Auto-sync.

If the transaction was manually entered in WorkingPoint and you want to match them up:
Click the description link and scroll down to the Matching Transactions section. All possible matches will be listed here. Click Match next to the transaction that matches and the two transactions will be linked. If the matching transaction is a bill or invoice with an open balance, the payment will be applied to the bill or invoice for you.

For more info and step-by-step instructions on how to import transactions through our banking integration, check out our online Help Center topic. Stuck? Contact support for help!

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