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Is WorkingPoint right for me?

I’m just starting a new business, is WorkingPoint the right choice for me?
Congratulations on your new venture! As a new entrepreneur, you’ll find WorkingPoint one of your most important assets. With WorkingPoint, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes. We’ll help you manage your whole business from sales and invoicing, to expense tracking and CRM. WorkingPoint frees you up so you can focus on doing what you love to do.
Is WorkingPoint a good fit for my type of business?
Yes. If you’re a freelancer, consultant, service provider or small business owner of any kind, WorkingPoint is a perfect fit for you. We are a complete small business management solution that enables you to manage your whole business from one integrated system. If you need to run your business “anytime, anywhere” just with a web browser, then WorkingPoint is right for you. WorkingPoint is an easy to use system that grows with you as you grow your business.
What kinds of companies are using WorkingPoint?
WorkingPoint is being used by all kinds of small businesses. Freelancers, consultants and service providers of all types use WorkingPoint to keep their businesses organized. Small companies that sell stuff or provide services, or companies that do both find WorkingPoint to be the one system that keeps track of it all.
I have an existing business, and WorkingPoint sounds perfect for me. How do I switch?
Transitioning to a new system can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why WorkingPoint created our Getting Started Guide to make the process as seamless as possible. With a little preparation, it’s easy to move your important business data to WorkingPoint, and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying the best small business software around.
How do I set up an account?
Managing your new business on WorkingPoint is easy. You’ll be up and running in minutes. After completing the short registration process, you’ll have access to your new account. Check out our Getting Started Guide. You’ll find our recommendations on business best practices to get you started on the right foot.
I do a lot of business outside of North America. Can I use WorkingPoint?
Yes. WorkingPoint allows you to change the currency symbol for your account to something other than U.S. dollars but we don’t support multiple currencies or currency conversions. If that works for your business we’d love to have you use it.
Can I use WorkingPoint if my business is based outside of the U.S.?
WorkingPoint was designed with U.S. businesses in mind, but if it’s a good fit for your business you are welcome to use it no matter where you’re located.

Account Subscription & Pricing

How much does WorkingPoint cost?
WorkingPoint has two Account Plans: Lightning and Thunderstorm. Lightning provides the set of base features and can be used by a single user. If you need more users or you would like to take advantage of our premium features, you can purchase our Thunderstorm plan.
How many users can I have on my WorkingPoint account?
The number of users you can have will depend on your Account Plan. You can see the number of users you already have and the number of new users you can add to your account by visiting the Settings > Manage Users page of the WorkingPoint application.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my Account Plan at any time?
Of course. If you want to change plans, click on the Manage Account link at the top of the Settings page inside the WorkingPoint application. You’ll see your current plan and a link to change your plan. Select the new plan you want and we’ll make it effective immediately.

Service and Support

Who do I contact for questions or help with WorkingPoint?
WorkingPoint is so easy, you won’t need to read a long, tedious manual to figure it out. If you do get stuck, WorkingPoint includes built-in help throughout the application. Simply click on the Help button for answers to common questions. If you need some extra assistance, please Contact Us with any questions.
How often do you update WorkingPoint?
Unlike other software providers that deliver new features every year or two, you can expect to see new features from WorkingPoint each month. We’ll give you a heads up when something new is on the way. Since WorkingPoint is software as a service (SaaS), you’ll always have the latest and greatest version. You’ll never have to install any software to keep current, since we update your account behind the scenes.
How do I find out about upcoming software updates or maintenance?
Keep an eye out for system notices on your WorkingPoint application home page about scheduled updates and routine maintenance. We’ll let you know when any product updates or normal maintenance will happen, and when you can expect to log back in.
How do I find out what is happening at WorkingPoint?
We believe that communication is key to providing excellent customer service to our users. Through regular emails and newsletters, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest WorkingPoint breakthroughs; including helpful tips, new features and promotions. For breaking WorkingPoint news, you can always check out our blog.


What do I need to run WorkingPoint?
Two things: an internet connection and web browser.
Will WorkingPoint work with my internet connection?
Although WorkingPoint will run fine with a dial-up modem, we recommend a broadband internet connection, such as DSL or high-speed cable model, for the most optimal performance and best user experience.
Can I use WorkingPoint on a Mac?
Absolutely! And if you or another employee want to access WorkingPoint on a PC at the same time you can do that as well. There is no data for you to transfer between different systems because everything is online.
Can I use WorkingPoint on a PC?
You bet! And if you or another employee want to access WorkingPoint on a Mac at the same time you can do that as well. There is no data for you to transfer between different systems because everything is online.
Which browsers can I use with WorkingPoint?
WorkingPoint works with Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Chrome 5+ and Safari 4+.
Can I use WorkingPoint offline?
For now, you need an internet connection and browser to use WorkingPoint. However, offline support for WorkingPoint is in our future.

Hosting and Security

Is my data secure?
Your critical business data is far more secure in WorkingPoint than it would be on your own computer. Security has been built into WorkingPoint from the very beginning, and we work continuously to ensure that WorkingPoint remains secure and your data stays safe. You’ll never lose data if your computer crashes. We use Amazon EC2, so our service runs with the proven network infrastructure of the world’s biggest and safest e-commerce company. We use the same internet security technologies that banks do, so your data is bank-grade secure with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption. Your data is continually and reliably backed up. Plus, your WorkingPoint site is automatically updated with the latest, most secure version – no complicated installs or security patches.
How much data can I store in WorkingPoint?
As much as you want. There’s no practical limit to the number of accounts, contacts, items or transactions that you can enter into WorkingPoint. And we’ll never charge you a separate fee for data storage or hosting.
How do I back up my data?
Don’t worry about it. Our servers are located at Amazon in a bank-grade facility. Your data is continually and automatically backed up. If your computer or your network crashes, there’s no need to stress. Your data is safe with WorkingPoint, much safer than it would be on your personal computer.
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