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Our Commitment

Why we’re here

Our goal is to help small business owners establish, manage, and grow their companies by providing the best online business management systems, content, and community. Simply stated, we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

We are committed to:

  1. Providing you with a single point of access for everything you need to make your business work successfully.  We think that juggling multiple software packages to manage your business is expensive, time consuming, and simply a hassle.
  2. Listening to you. Responding thoughtfully. Implementing continuous change.  Please tell us what you want, and we’ll make every effort to build it for you. We want to collaborate with you on the development of new features for a better WorkingPoint.
  3. Respecting our customers by keeping your data safe, secure and private. We’ll never compromise your data, and it will always be accessible to you.
  4. Bringing you together with meaningful partners and additional resources to help you get ahead.

Together we can build a vibrant community of successful business people who share ideas, contacts, strategies, and challenges.  Running a small business can be a lonely job. At WorkingPoint, you’ll find other like-minded entrepreneurs to connect with – and we look forward to being part of your success.