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WorkingPoint Small Business Accounting Software Perfect for Boulder’s Bicycle-Based Businesses

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Posted on August 19, 2010 by admin

Guestpost by Justin Pot of iSupportU

If a bicycle-based IT company sounds weird to you, you’ve probably never been to Boulder. Our town is a series of bike trails and bike lanes, all leading to ample bike racks. In many ways it’s easier to get around Boulder on bicycle than it is in a car. Heck, locals have even been know to build picnic table bicycles.

That’s why we at iSupportU are dedicated to being a different sort of technical company, one with a commitment to reduced carbon usage.

Running a bicycle-based IT company is not without its challenges, however. We need to be lean, because anything we need to carry with us to a job needs to be lugged by bike. When we’re biking from client to client we need our information to accessible without a great deal of complication.

That’s why we rely heavily on the cloud. Any application that lives on the web instead of on a desktop computer is an application that follows us with us on our bikes, and as such makes our lives easier.With WorkingPoint, for example, the tiny netbook in our bike’s basket allows us to invoice customers on the fly, wherever in town we may be. That’s valuable.

It’s also valuable that WorkingPoint works regardless of operating system. This is a very important point, seeing as our staff is split equally between Mac, Windows and Linux enthusiasts. Every platform works great, and that can’t be said for many desktop programs.

Our enthusiasm for the cloud doesn’t stop with Working Point, though. Since the beginning we’ve been big fans of Google Apps, the suite of online software from the search giant. With these tools we have access to our email, our shared calendars, our documents quickly and easily from any computer.

We love using these tools ourselves so much that we’ve started helping our clients get onto the cloud. We can help you too, of course; check us out and give us a call. We’re also big fans of WordPress for building web sites, and which we used to build our own site as well as sites for our clients.

There’s nothing quite like reliable cloud applications for keeping a business efficient, however you might prefer to get around. WorkingPoint is certainly one we’ll be recommending, not to mention using ourselves.