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Tell Your Friends About WorkingPoint

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Posted on February 9, 2010 by Kelli Wall

Tell Your Friends About WorkingPointTell Your Friends About WorkingPoint, and We’ll Tell Ours About You!

Here’s How You Participate:
Tell your friends about us and you’ll be entered in our new contest!  It only takes 2 minutes. Here’s how simple it is:

  1. Log in to your WorkingPoint account and click the “Tell Your Friends About WorkingPoint” button on your home page:
  2. Tell your small business friends about WorkingPoint by entering their email addresses and sending them a message recommending it.
  3. When your friends click the link at the bottom and sign up for a free account, you will earn a credit for the referral.

And Here’s What You Could Win:
The top 3 WorkingPoint subscribers who earn the most credits by inspiring friends to sign-up will receive a high-value promotion package from WorkingPoint designed to help you promote your business and gain customers, including:

  1. Home Page Placement –  The home page is a coveted space on any website and we’ll promote your business on for a whole month!
  2. Company Featured on the WorkingPoint Blog – Our blog is read by thousands of readers every day, and we’ll help you reach a new audience by featuring you and your company.
  3. Company Featured in the WorkingPoint Newsletter – Our newsletters reach thousands of businesses each month, and we’ll prominently feature your company in a March newsletter.
  4. You’ll Earn a Community Builder Badge– Community builders are key members of our community. We’ll single you out from the crowd with our Community Builder badge and feature your business in our Company Directory, an online listing of WorkingPoint Company Profiles.

WorkingPoint will announce the three contest winners at the end of February, and these winners will receive their promotional reward packages during the month of March.

Thanks for helping us spread the word!

  • Michael Girouard

    It would be nice to have a different way of sharing other than email. I’m sure a good portion of us would prefer to tweet the referral link instead.

    • Tony Pecora

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the suggestion! This is a great idea, and we will look into how we can make this offer work across social media, and not just email.
      Tony Pecora

  • Alex

    Consider recurring income for sign ups and renewals for each company a member signs up and we can drive lots of customers to your door.

    • Michael Girouard

      That’s a good point. I’d love to see an affiliate program emerge from this product.

      • Alex

        Yes. Once WP gets it up and running, then can roll it out also to us so we can run our own affiliate program. Killer App indeed.

  • Tony Pecora

    Hi Alex,
    Valuable suggestion, and definitely one that we can explore over time. Thanks for the feedback!
    Tony Pecora

    • Alex

      I have lots of ideas but don’t waste too much time on the affiliate program. The year just started and it will be easy to get some companies to switch.

      I’ve seen affiliate programs that only reward sign ups but there is no recurring revenue from it. Not much incentive if done that way. Just my 0.02.

  • Alaia

    Yes….I think being able to tie this in with social media would have a much bigger impact. I like the affiliate idea, but social media for sure!