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“Tell Your Friends About WorkingPoint” Contest Update – Share It Your Way: – Now You Can Use Facebook, Twitter, or Blogs to Participate

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Posted on February 23, 2010 by workingpoint

We recently launched our Tell Your Friends About WorkingPoint contest and we have had a great response. Thanks for telling your friends: we hope they all sign up so you can be one of the winners!

If you haven’t spread the word and entered for your chance to win, it’s not too late. In fact, we just made it even easier to tell your friends about WorkingPoint. Many of you told us you would prefer to tweet your friends or use blog postings or Facebook to tell them about us instead of email them (thanks for the suggestion). Now you can.

Here’s How To Participate:Tell Your Friends About WorkingPoint

  1. Log in to your WorkingPoint account and click the “Tell Your Friends About WorkingPoint” button on your home page.
  2. Then, share it your way:
    • Copy the URL provided and paste it into your favorite twitter app, blog or Facebook feed. This link ensures you get credit when people click it and sign up.
    • Tell your small business friends via email by entering their email addresses and sending them a message recommending WorkingPoint (we’ll automatically include the URL in the email).

And Here’s What You Could Win:

The top 3 WorkingPoint subscribers who earn the most credits by inspiring friends to sign-up will receive a high-value promotion package from WorkingPoint designed to help you promote your business and gain customers, including:

  1. Home Page Placement –  The home page is a coveted space on any website and we’ll promote your business on for a whole month!
  2. Company Featured on the WorkingPoint Blog – Our blog is read by thousands of readers every day, and we’ll help you reach a new audience by featuring you and your company.
  3. Company Featured in the WorkingPoint Newsletter – Our newsletters reach thousands of businesses each month, and we’ll prominently feature your company in a March newsletter.
  4. You’ll Earn a Community Builder Badge– Community builders are key members of our community. We’ll single you out from the crowd with our Community Builder badge and feature your business in our Company Directory, an online listing of WorkingPoint Company Profiles.

WorkingPoint will announce the three contest winners at the end of February, and these winners will receive their promotional reward packages during the month of March.