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New Premium Feature: Monitor Your Sales with Our New Sales Reports

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Posted on May 19, 2010 by workingpoint

Your customers are the heart of your business. Keeping them stocked with your products and/or using your services is critical to staying in business. Knowing who to call and what sales are in the works is key to keeping those sales coming in. Our 2 newest Premium reports: Top Customers and Sales Pipeline help you keep an eye on your customer sales activity and potential future sales, so no one and no sales slips through the cracks.

Top Customers

The Top Customers report keeps you tapped into who is purchasing the most from you and who is purchasing the least. With this important information, you can regularly reach out to customers who might not be aware of your full product line or menu of services so you can get them more engaged with your company and generate more sales. You can also be sure to take care of the folks who purchase the most from you; including making small gestures, like adding them to your holiday card or gift list, or bigger gestures, like offering them preferred pricing.

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipelines are an important part of managing a healthy sales team, even if that team is a team of one. Knowing who you quoted, for how much and when you expect to close the sale helps you plan for staffing, production, and, most importantly, cash flow.

When you quote your customers, you can specify an “expected invoice date” for when you think your sales will close, that is, when you think your customer will accept your quote and the quote will turn into a sale (invoice). The Sales Pipeline report organizes your quotes by expected dates so you can look into the future and forecast your upcoming sales.

These sales reports are Premium features and only available on Premium account plans. Sign up or Upgrade to Premium today! For more information on our new Premium reports Top Customers or Sales Pipeline reports, check out our online Help Center.