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Main Street versus Wall Street (Part 3)

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Posted on November 3, 2009 by admin

My recent postings here continue to be “timely,” thanks in bullhornlarge part to Allan Sloan, author of the latest Time Magazine cover story currently available on newsstands today.  His article, “Why Main Street hates Wall Street” covers several key points about the advantages enjoyed by the big guys on the Street and how little guys – like you and me – can justifiably feel like we’re playing with the deck stacked against us.

As one could expect from an article by a huge media concern (designed to sell copies and provide as much analysis as possible in a few pages), it presented some issues but lacked closure, and certainly didn’t form a unified “voice” of Main Street.

Far more refreshing was my meeting last week with executive members of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, who hosted a round table discussion for some local small businesses CEOs.  Far more than just treating a half dozen of us to a nice meal, Steven Falk, President & CEO of the S.F. Chamber of Commerce, listened to us describe our issues of starting and growing a small business in this city.

What a concept!  Want to know something?  Ask questions – and listen to the response!

It’s hardly surprising that the straightforward approach above was taken by Mr. Falk, as he was previously publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle for a number of years and clearly knows what journalism is all about.  Where Time seized the national headline, I’m betting on Steve to help create a true voice for small business owners.

For the record, my agenda is simple.  I’m neither “anti big business” nor “anti media.”  I’m PRO small business; those tiny, homegrown, “micro” businesses that are just starting out.

Like Steve, I am not new to this, bringing decades of relevant experience to the table.  For millions of small businesses, I also offer a solution.  Try WorkingPoint, the complete, comprehensive, high quality – and free – online business management system, and help us create a unified voice for Main Street.