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Posted on April 14, 2010 by admin

My husband has a new startup that he’s been working on for much of the past year, and part of the way I’ve been helping him is finding the best possible tools to help out with some of the work that he is trying to get done. The trouble is that I’m a classic web addict with a bit of early adopter ADD.

I love testing out new web apps. KillerStartups is my guilty pleasure every morning, because I will always find at least a couple of new apps that I go sign up for. Even if I only poke around in them for a few minutes, I love exploring them. Most I may not check out more than once. But some I do actually fall in love with enough to keep around for a while.

But this world changes constantly, and that means the things that matter most are portability of data and a certain degree of flexibility about the solution. For some solutions — like WorkingPoint — a longer-term commitment makes the most sense, because of the amount and value of the data entered.

For other systems, though, being a bit more nimble is often the best way to test drive something, figure out what you like, and then decide if the tool is the best fit or if looking at something new makes more sense. In my world this is especially true of project management apps. I have yet to find one that I love, so I move from one to the next like Goldilocks, trying to find one that is just right.

Aside from KillerStartups’ daily deluge of new web apps, the other way I keep tabs on new goodies to try out is often Twitter. The new CRM solution I am using (and, to date, liking quite nicely) is called BantamLive. One of the founders actually reached out to me on Twitter in response to a general inquiry I posited on CRM options. (Note to product teams: Don’t tell me Twitter has no value to finding new customers!)

After KillerStartups and Twitter, there are a couple of other good online sources (Louis Gray’s blog), and then there are the lists. I love lists. Lists are easy to consume, they are quick to read and they are usually titled cleanly enough to quickly categorize to determine if the content is appropriate to what I care about.

So, in the interest of my love of lists, I have a few specific ones for entrepreneurs looking for some tools to help run, manage and grow your business. And we’ll start off with an appreciative nod to WebWorkerDaily for including WorkingPoint in this week’s list of web apps a small business can’t do without.

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