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Put Your Invoicing on Auto-pilot with WorkingPoint Recurring Invoice Plans

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Posted on May 11, 2010 by workingpoint

We are thrilled to announce that our feedback forum’s highest requested feature is now available. (If you voted for this feature check out the forum for more information about other recurring transactions.) Like WorkingPoint, a lot of our users have customers that purchase the same item or service on a repeating basis. Creating the same invoice every week, month, or quarter for your customers can be a total time suck and open you up to common data entry mistakes.

Now, you can save time and effort by setting up a recurring invoice plan and letting WorkingPoint create and email your customer new invoices automatically on a repeating basis for you. It’s really easy to use and you have full control over what is sent, how often, and to whom.

Here’s a quick overview:

1. Set Your Plan Options
When you create a new recurring invoice plan, you set some simple options, like when you want to start invoicing and when you want to stop (if you need to) and how often you want them to repeat.

2. Create Your Invoice
Next, you select the customer you want to invoice and what you want to invoice them for, just like you do when you create a one-time invoice. You can add notes to your customer and personalize the terms and conditions.

3. Personalize Your Email
You can also personalize your email message that is sent along with your invoice by setting up an email template. WorkingPoint defaults the message to what you have saved in Settings but you can change it.

4. Set Your Plan on Auto-pilot
Now, just sit back and relax and let WorkingPoint create and email your invoices out for you. If you need to make any changes before or after your plan has started sending invoices, WorkingPoint gives you flexibility and control so you can make changes as needed.

If we run into any issues, like inventory conflicts (you don’t have enough on-hand to invoice your customer), we’ll email you and let you know and we’ll make a note on the recurring invoice plan so you have a record of it.

Recurring invoice plans are another way WorkingPoint helps make running your business easier and saves you time.

Recurring Invoicing is a Premium feature and only available on Premium account plans. Sign up or Upgrade to Premium today! For more information on recurring invoice plans, please visit our online Help Center.