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Get Your Business on the Web and Use VerticalResponse to Grow Your Business!

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Posted on October 1, 2009 by admin

The day you started your business, you probably started a list of the things you “absolutely had to do”.  If you’re like most of us, you initially dealt with the legal aspects necessary to protect your business and your shareholders.  Then came the infrastructure issues; selecting DSL and telecom providers, and buying and connecting your computer to the Internet.  In these early days of the life of your company, you also found the time to work on your product and service offerings and began courting customers! And, somewhere along the way, you remembered that you needed to create a web site… well, someday.

If you’re like the owners of most small businesses thinking about building a web site, you faced an intimidating gauntlet of technical and creative issues – all of which cost more money than you really wanted to spend – so you deferred the decision and put it off to another day.

I have great news for you; that day has come!  Today, just take ten minutes (maybe even less), and create a Company Profile on WorkingPoint. It will establish a web presence for your business – indexed by Google, etc, so it’s searchable – for FREE!   Our system will walk you through the process of creating your “starter web site”.  It will show you how to upload images to post, describe your business, and link to your blog, Yelp, and Twitter accounts.

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Not only is it fast and free; you can immediately tell your customers about your new site through our partner, VerticalResponse, a leading provider of email marketing solutions.

I strongly recommend that you leverage this free WorkingPoint feature – and get your business on the web today!