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Christmas Reading List for Entrepreneurs

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Posted on December 15, 2009 by admin

Gift BooksAs I mentioned last week, one of my favorite media traditions for December (aside from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, of course) is the year-in-review list.

This week, the one I that I want to highlight is (again) from, and it’s about the year’s best business books for business owners, as recommended by high profile entrepreneurs.

Every year, more and more and more books are published.  And more and more of them are focused on niche markets (such as entrepreneurs). asked the CEO of Zappos, one of Inc’s Editors-at-Large, the founder of 800 CEO Read, and others for their top picks from 2009.

  1. Getting to Plan B by John Mullins and Randy Komisar; recommended by Leigh Buchanan
  2. Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith; recommended by Jack Covert
  3. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell; recommended by Tony Hsieh
  4. Early Exits by Basil Peters; recommended by Bo Burlingham
  5. Poorly Made in China by Paul Midler; recommended by Joel Spolsky
  6. Exploiting Chaos by Jeremy Gutsche; recommended by Jack Covert
  7. How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins; recommended by Leigh Buchanan, Bo Burlingham, and Tony Hsieh
  8. Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford; recommended by Jack Covert
  9. Clever by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones; recommended by Leigh Buchanan
  10. Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk; recommended by Jack Covert and Tony Hsieh
  11. Change by Design by Tim Brown; Recommended by Leigh Buchanan
  12. Borrowing Brilliance by David Kord Murray; recommended by Jack Covert
  13. The Match King by Frank Partnoy; recommended by Leigh Buchanan
  14. I Love You More Than My Dog by Jeanne Bliss; recommended by Jack Covert

Covering everything from ethical business practices to smart staffing, and from customer service to following your passion, there is a great array of choices laid out here for entrepreneurs of all stripes.

If you are still looking for a gift idea for your favorite entrepreneur, this list might be a great place to start. Do you have any great business books of 2009 that you’d add to the list?

Alora Chistiakoff is an entrepreneur, content strategist and project manager who has been developing online business and technology for startups for more than a decade.  She co-owns The Indigo Heron Group, Inc., a content strategy firm in Austin, Texas.

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