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3 Motivational Video Sites for Entrepreneurs

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Posted on June 7, 2010 by admin

No matter what your business there some days when being an entrepreneur is harder than others. On those days, when you have to get out of bed even if you don’t feel like it, what can you do to get yourself in the right frame of mind to tackle the universe?

Depending on what you need, there are three great sources to help every entrepreneur stay focused, invigorated, and motivated. Whether you only watch one at a time or do multi-hour marathon sessions, each of these sites has great content that helps remind any entrepreneur why fighting the good fight is still better than working for someone else.

Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner


Stanford University is often credited with being the cardiovascular system of the Silicon Valley. As such, Stanford has developed a number of programs that bring entrepreneurs of all stripes on the campus to speak to students. Happily for those of us outside of the 408 area code, Stanford then makes these talks available online via streaming video.

TED videos


By now I’m sure almost everyone has heard of TED. TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, is an international conference of innovators, thought leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, statesmen, artists and entertainers who come together to share ideas, discoveries, passions and personal stories.

MIT World


Like Stanford, MIT has a long-standing tradition of fostering advancement in science and technology that directly fuels entrepreneurial opportunity. Whether your interest is in architecture, economics, education, innovation, medicine or technology, MIT attracts the most exciting thought leaders in their respective disciplines, and then makes their lectures available online for free to anyone who wants to watch.

Whether you’re having a bad day, or just looking for something inspiring to watch while you wolf down lunch at your desk, I strongly recommend getting each of these sites a shot. I have yet to meet anyone who has not been able to find something exciting and inspiring in me is amazing collections of videos.