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June 2009

NetBooks is now WorkingPoint™

New Features from WorkingPoint

Easy Inventory Import

Customize Your Home Page

Partner Focus

NetBooks is now WorkingPoint™

We have plenty of exciting updates for you this month, and one of the biggest is our product name change. From now on, it’s WorkingPoint. We’re still the same great team with the same great product and outstanding customer service. So, why the new name? Well, a few small companies, like Dell, HP and Sony are selling cute little mini-laptops they call “netbooks”. Our name was becoming generic, synonymous with the newest smallest laptops , so we figured we’d take action before things got confusing.

WorkingPoint is where it’s all happening for small business. We’re so much more than an online bookkeeping system – we are the single point where there’s everything you need to start, manage and grow your small business. We’re a hub of systems, content and community designed to help your small business thrive. At WorkingPoint you’ll manage your business financials, invoices and bills, inventory, cash and customers. It’s all here at WorkingPoint, where your success is our business.

New Features from WorkingPoint

Up & Running - New Features from NetBooksEASY INVENTORY IMPORT

If you sell products, you’ll love our inventory management feature. Now you can seamlessly transition from your old system to WorkingPoint by simply importing your existing inventory into WorkingPoint. There’s no need to spend countless hours hand entering your inventory, just import it get started. It’s a snap!

Up & Running - New Features from NetBooksCUSTOMIZE YOUR HOME PAGE

Here at WorkingPoint, we understand that our customers have different needs. So, why would you all want the same widgets in the same place? If you’re an artisan cheese maker you may want different widgets than a dog groomer or an interior designer, and you’ll certainly want a home page design that works uniquely for you. WorkingPoint allows you to customize your home page with your favorite and most useful widgets. Just drag and drop them where you want. Login now, and give it a try!

Up & Running - New Features from NetBooksPARTNER FOCUS

WorkingPoint is pleased to announce our exciting partnership with SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business”. SCORE is a non-profit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE has over 11,000 volunteers, both working and retired executives, as well as corporate leaders and business owners. Over 8.3 million entrepreneurs have been mentored by SCORE. Through SCORE’s partnership with WorkingPoint, these valuable business mentors are available to help you succeed.

WorkingPoint delivers all of SCORE’s tremendous resources straight to you. Ask any business question directly from the SCORE widget in your WorkingPoint application, and a SCORE counselor is ready to answer. With expertise in sales and marketing, financing, research technology, employee benefits and much more, SCORE’s expert business advisors are there to help. It’s one more way WorkingPoint is invested in your success!

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