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We’ve Simplified Our Account Plans

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Posted on November 11, 2009 by admin

As a small business owner, you make a lot of decisions each day. Choosing which account plan to use to run your business shouldn’t weigh you down. At WorkingPoint, we’ve simplified our account plans to make choosing your plan easier so you can start managing your business better today.

Now you can choose from our Free plan and our Premium plan.

  • Our Free plan is just what the plan name suggests – free! You’ll have access to all of our base features, and we’ve increased the number of users who can access your free plan so you can have help with your day-to-day operations or share a login with a trusted advisor as you prepare for tax time.
  • Our Premium plan gives you access to all of our base features plus premium features, like our Premium Reports and Accounting Package and unlimited invoicing, for a low monthly fee of $10.00.

For more information on the new account plans, check out our new pricing and sign up page.

Note: If you subscribed prior to this change (to the Basic, Bronze, Silver or Gold plan), nothing about your current plan will change (other than gaining an additional user on the Basic plan) — unless you downgrade or upgrade.