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NEW FEATURE – User Permissions

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Posted on July 17, 2012 by workingpoint

Hello Everyone,


We are really excited to announce the release of a hotly requested feature, User Permissions. You can now assign roles to individuals within (or outside) your organization that will further limit user access based upon your needs. There are five  new roles we have added in addition to the existing Admin and User roles: roles: Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, Accounting and Accountant. Here are some ways you might consider using a few of the new roles:


  • Accountant – This is a great role to assign your accountant or CPA. This role will give them access to financial and tax reports and allow them to enter in adjusting journal entries using General Journal for end of period and closing adjustments. They will also have access to the Accounts List to review transactions so they can make helpful categorizing direction and give them the ability to create new accounts that will help you track your business activity in the most useful way.
  • Accounting – You might be wondering how this role is different from the Accountant role. While the Accountant role is great for your financial advisor, the Accounting role user has access to all of the accounting feature and it is great for the member of your team that actually records your day-to-day business accounting activity, including invoices, bills, purchase orders, items and contacts for entering new vendors if needed. They have access to the accounts and financial and tax reports so they can run reports for you on a regular basis and even enter accountant-provided journal entries. This user can do most things but not they cannot edit system settings  or view sales or marketing related reports or widgets.
  • Marketing – You might consider assigning this role to marketing team members so they can more easily target products to promote – using the Top Sellers widgets and Items Sales report – and customers you want to market to – using the Top customers report. Once products and customers have been identified, they can export the Contacts List so you can import into your direct email marketing provider – like our partner Vertical Response!
  • Purchasing – If you have staff that purchase inventory for your company; who track costs and inventory levels and create and send purchase orders to your vendors, this role allows them to easily access items, purchase orders, contacts and bills and item reports so they can see what is selling which in turn allows them to know what to have on hand so they can place an order with an existing vendor or create a new vendor to buy from, and check to see if there are any unpaid bills for the vendor before placing an order.



You can continue to utilize only the Admin and User roles, but by assigning users access to your account based on their role, you empower them to do their jobs while limiting access to your important business and financial information that they may not need to see.


Thanks and as always we LOVE feedback so feel free to drop us a line.

-The WorkingPoint Team



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