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Use Your Voice – We’re Listening

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Posted on April 21, 2009 by workingpoint

We are adding new features to WorkingPoint all the time and we want to hear what our users want us to work on next. That is why we created our UserVoice Feedback Forum to manage your feature suggestions. It’s easy to use and provides us insight into what you want us to add to WorkingPoint and gives you an opportunity to help us shape WorkingPoint into an even better product. You can also see what others are asking for, which suggestions we are working on, and which features we completed.

Simply click Feedback in the upper right hand corner of your WorkingPoint account or click a link from the Feedback section on the Support page of our website. From the forum, you can search the suggestions for a similar idea you have and vote for it anonymously or create an account to get updates on the ideas you voted on, or add your own suggestion. You get 10 votes to use and you can use up to 3 votes on any one idea. And you can change your votes whenever you like.

We monitor the Feedback Forum to see what our users want us to work on next and we keep you informed on decisions we make by flagging ideas as Planned (in the works) or Complete (in the app). If you signed up for a UserVoice account, you will be notified by email when your ideas are updated. Once an idea you voted on moves to Complete, you will get those votes back to use on other ideas you want to see added to WorkingPoint.

We have added a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Click here to check them out and let’s hear your voice. We’re listening!

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