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This is not how business should be done…

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Posted on October 7, 2010 by admin

I confess to being a “post it” note addict before I found WorkingPoint. I loved color coding them, and my desk sometimes resembled a paper-shingled dragon. It seemed easier for me to dash off a quick note and stick it on my desk. The obvious theory being that this system put the information right in front of my face, “at my fingertips” if you will. But this system is not easier. It does not put the information “right at your fingertips”. Entering the information into an easy to use computer system puts the information right at your fingertips. Literally. You type in a few letters and it’s there. That’s at your fingertips…

I totally understand the fear of computers that keeps people writing their addresses in a rolodex and keeping notes on post its. It’s easier to do that in the moment, it takes a lot of time to set up a better system, I’m going to transcribe them later… Whatever your excuse, I’ve used it. But I am here today to admit that I am wrong. It is not better/easier/more convenient to live your life scared of a strong burst of wind. The technology is out there, it takes almost no time to set up and it’s cheaper than whatever you are spending on post it notes.

Excel spreadsheets are not easy to use, contrary to what my accountant/business school educated friends tell me. Different people have different definitions of easy. Plugging all the information into an excel sheet, creating some kind of formula, selecting something from a drop down menu, playing with it for awhile, to some people that’s easy. Not really for me. For me, entering it once and then clicking a button to select one of the preset reports is easy. Not having to figure out what I need to include in the report because with one click, the software does it for me, that’s easy.

Sometimes, you have to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you made in the past before you saw the error of your ways. This film is me, laughing at myself. I hope that you can get a laugh out of it also!

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