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State of the Online Accounting Industry – A Response

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Posted on September 26, 2011 by workingpoint

There was a great blog entry from on September 8th discussing the state of the online accounting industry, and we wanted to add our voice. Please head over to their blog (page bottom) to read the original entry.

It is fair to say that the small businesses are quickly gaining confidence in web-based accounting and financial management.  As Jim Secord put it, there is a rising acceptance of working with online software: more and more people are moving their banking and other sensitive activities into the cloud. This puts WorkingPoint in a wonderful position to offer easy-to-use, reliable and effective software to its customers. Web based platforms are oftentimes easier to learn and adopt than are local software solutions, such as Quicken. Furthermore, the ease of implementation throughout your organization is increased, as there aren’t any server or local network issues to consider. Another advantage of adopting a complete online solution, such as WorkingPoint, is that small businesses can realize significant cost savings around not having to employ an accountant and other finance related staff.

Despite this growing trend toward cloud-based computing, As Michael McCarthy aptly put it; ERP apps are in a relatively nascent stage. There is still room for improvement and growth, especially when it comes to smaller businesses that require flexible, well-scaling and affordable solutions. The most obvious advantage that WorkingPoint and its ilk offer is accessibility from anywhere at any time, coupled with enterprise-grade servers that offer security and reliability most small firms simply cannot afford.  Indeed, the value capture associated with of web-based business management software is moving more and more towards the user.

At WorkingPoint we feel we have a significant advantage, because in addition to having top-class accounting software, we offer a more broad yet integrated web-based business management solution. Our service is both cost effective and extremely easy to use.  From a small  business’ perspective, there are clearly still some hurdles to overcome before completely migrating online: increased reliability, regulatory issues and ease of access across devices through complex APIs are still in the works.

The future of accounting services and the like is clearly cloud based – in keeping with the general movement of computing. SaaS is becoming a greater and greater part of how businesses operate, and WorkingPoint is at the forefront of this trend.

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