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Save Trees & Time with WorkingPoint Invoicing

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Posted on April 23, 2009 by workingpoint

If Earth Day has sparked a new desire in you to do what you can to reduce your carbon footprint, or if you are always looking for new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, consider WorkingPoint for an earth-friendly way to do business.

At WorkingPoint, we make it super easy to create an invoice, send it to your customer, and track who owes you what and when you can expect it – all without printing a single piece of paper!


You can quickly create invoices and quotes from several places in WorkingPoint and the forms have all you need to document or propose a sale, from adding a customer, items, to recording shipping information, discounts, taxes, notes and more. And emailing your customer is a snap, or a click, using the Send via Email button. You can invoice your customers in no time at all. No paper required. Better yet, no stamps required –you just saved time, trees, and money! We’ll even automatically make a note for you in History & Notes to indicate that you printed the invoice or emailed it, and when you sent it. (If a customer still prefers a paper invoice, you can print those too.)

Paperless invoicing gets your bill to your customer fast so you get paid faster, and saves trees & money. With WorkingPoint, you’re taking care of your planet while you do business.

Go Paperless. Get Paid Faster.
The WorkingPoint Team

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