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Review: Bookkeeping, Invoicing and Contact Management in One

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Posted on August 24, 2009 by admin

Small Business Trends has posted an excellent review of WorkingPoint.

Review Summary

It is an ambitious and comprehensive offering that includes bookkeeping, invoicing, contact management, inventory management, a public marketing profile, and more.


The usual long slog of putting in contacts and client information for invoicing is well thought out here.

WorkingPoint’s unlimited, free invoicing allows you to customize the invoice with your own logo and to send them to your customers via email or to save them locally and print them. You can upload your customer’s contact information easily and get busy creating invoices in minutes.

Contact Management

Working Point not only has bookkeeping, but also has a Contact Management section. This is especially useful for managing customer contacts.

WorkingPoint offers contact management to help you keep in touch with your customers. You can track all your business your calls, email and other communications with them as well as seeing summary business numbers on each customer’s contact page.


The dashboard elegantly packs in a lot of information. Rather than try to cram more in, it provides an intuitive text link, such as: See All Invoices in the Who’s Overdue box. What I really like about the dashboard is it has a customizable interface. I can drag and drop any of the items into another area as it suits me.

WorkingPoint’s DashBoard provides the business owner with all the information they need to actively manage their business. They can remove those items that don’t pertain to their business, add new ones and move the informational widgets around to make the home page useful to their business.


WorkingPoint offers double entry bookkeeping.

Double entry bookkeeping is the gold standard for bookkeeping systems because it ensures the integrity of all values entered. By making sure that each transaction balances and the total of all transactions balance you can be confident your books are in balance. WorkingPoint’s bookkeeping engine is unique in that it follows generally accepted accounting principle’s in a free, online bookkeeping system.


If I were just starting a new business, I would think very seriously about this solution. It has almost all of what you need to manage your company’s finances in an easy-to-use interface, plus the added benefits of contact management and a marketing profile that you normally don’t find in free accounting or bookkeeping packages.

You can get your own free, basic WorkingPoint account here.

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