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Protecting Your Business – Researching and Choosing Business Insurance

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Posted on October 30, 2012 by workingpoint

In today’s hectic world it is easy to make mistakes, indeed it is human nature to err. When you do this in your personal life normally an apology will rectify the issue. However, if you make a blunder in your work it can have disastrous consequences for you and your business.  At WorkingPoint we want your business to thrive – and a part of this is protect your assets and your company.

Most of us have insurance for our homes, our cars, our health, perhaps even our lives. But is your business properly insured? Business Insurance is a very broad category that includes (but is not limited to): property, liability, workers comp and business interruption. Depending on what type of business you run you may need some (or all) of these.

If this isn’t something you have properly considered, we would urge you to do some research into what sort of insurance you need. The following websites would be a good jump off point:

Once you have figured out what you need you need to do some research into providers – we really like this site for comparing different options:

What experiences have you had with this? Any recommendations for the rest of us? Please leave feedback below. As always we are here to support you in your business. If you have comments/questions/complaints please let us know.

Thanks and be safe out there!

-The WorkingPoint Team

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