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New Feature – Get Paid Faster with Payment Reminders

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Posted on April 3, 2013 by workingpoint

Does collecting invoice payments from your customers pose a challenge? If you’re like most business owners, the last thing you want to do is call up your customer and ask when they are sending in their payment. But you want to get paid. Enter WorkingPoint Payment Reminders.

With WorkingPoint’s Payment Reminders, you can automate your collections efforts. Once you determine which reminders you want to send: invoice due, late payment or both; set the timing of the reminder for “x” number of days before or after the invoice due date; and frequency of any subsequent late payment reminders; and customize your email messages, we’ll take it from there.

Invoice Due Reminder

WorkingPoint will automatically email out a copy of the invoice “x” number of days before it is due as a reminder to your customer that their invoice due date is approaching. This feature is great at eliminating the oft-heard excuse, “I never received the invoice.”

Late Payment Reminder

For any invoices that weren’t paid by their due date, WorkingPoint will send out another copy of the invoice “x” number of days after the payment was due to reminder the customer to send in their past-due payment. You can also schedule automatic emails to go out again every week or month the invoice remains unpaid.

Whether you want to set up a global setting to handle all invoices the same way or pick and choose which invoices to send reminders on, WorkingPoint’s Payment Reminders helps take the headache out of collections.

You can find more info in our help section here: Turning on Payment Reminders

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-The WorkingPoint Team

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