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Neat Trick: Have Google, Will Calculate

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Posted on March 11, 2010 by workingpoint

Does this sound familiar: You’re creating an invoice for a job you just completed and you want to make sure you have the right price for the project since you charge a lump fee but you kinda have this hourly rate you like to hit. You need a calculator to do a quick bit of math to see if you are on the right track but it is a total hassle to get to the calculator (Start > Accessories > Calculator – already so many clicks and you haven’t even entered your figures yet!).

Did you know that you can use the your Google search field as a calculator? Cool, right? If you are like me and have the Google search field built-into your web browser toolbar, you also have a calculator handy too!

Just enter in your equation and voila, Google calculates the answer for you. And the equations aren’t limited to simple addition and subtraction. Google can perform division, multiplication, complex equations; convert units of measure, like 3 meters in feet; and convert currency too, like dollars to euros.

Next time, you need to do a quick calculation, don’t fumble forĀ  your calculator or change your app, just type in the search field in your toolbar and let Google do the math for you.

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