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Neat Trick for Processing Cyber Monday Sales

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Posted on November 30, 2009 by workingpoint

cyber mondayIt’s Cyber Monday and if you’re an online retailer, then this could be one of your biggest sales days of the year.  You’ll likely have a lot of repeat orders for that special deal you’re offering and of course, you’ll want to know your sales total for the day by the end of the day. Think it’s impossible? Not with WorkingPoint.

We’ve built in a time-saving feature into WorkingPoint so you can create like orders quickly and easily. To enter the slew of orders you’ll get today, use the Copy link. With copying, you can create a new invoice with the same details as a prior invoice without having to re-enter all the information. Then, you can make whatever changes are necessary and send off the new invoice without missing a beat.

Invoicing13To copy an invoice:

  1. Create an invoice with your special deal and click save.
  2. For new orders, click the Copy link from your special deal invoice.
  3. Then change the customer information and click save.

To check the sales for today:

  • Run a Profit and Loss Statement for “Today” to see the total sales for the day.
  • Check your Daily Operating Report widget on the home page dashboard to see how many invoices you created today and the total sales volume for the day.

The more time you spend with WorkingPoint, the more ways you’ll find that it can help your business.

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