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Neat Trick #3: Stop Searching and Start Finding with WorkingPoint

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Posted on September 24, 2009 by workingpoint

Searching for lost keys is a common problem. It costs you time and energy, not to mention a ton of frustration. Searching a long list of contacts for a person can be just as taxing – especially when you remember only part of their name. Not with WorkingPoint! Our handy Find feature on the dashboard makes it super easy to find a contact in your Contacts List.

See how easy it is to find someone:

  1. From the Add/Find Panel on the right-hand side of the home page dashboard, click Find.
  2. Start typing any portion of the contact’s name in the Contact field. WorkingPoint’s auto-suggest feature will start matching the letters to the names in your Contact’s List.
  3. Select the name from the suggested list and click Go.

You can also use the Find tab to locate an invoice or quote or quickly jump to an account on the Accounts List. And you won’t have to enlist your family or fellow countrymen to do it, like the guy in this video:

The more time you spend with WorkingPoint, the more ways you’ll find that it can help your business.

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