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A Brand New Online Investing Tool – MoGro

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Posted on October 3, 2011 by workingpoint

We at Working Point are always on the lookout for cool new services and tools that make the small business owner’s life a little easier (much like our own!). We like services that transfer management of an individuals finances to the individual allowing them to make the decisions instead of paying someone to do it for them. To that end we wanted to draw your attention to a company that is getting quite a bit of buzz on the wires.

MoGro ( is an online investing tool that makes the often formidable task of investing your money as simple and transparent as possible. Started by a former banker at JP Morgan, Brad Matthews, MoGro aims to make investing accessible to the masses by cutting out a lot of the specialized lingo, getting to the heart of the matter – making your money grow (MoGro – get it?).

The web based software uses complex¬†algorithms to analyze the best investment strategy for you, based on a series of questions you answer. From the site “MoGro’s brilliant software, using the same technology found on Wall Street, handles all the heavy lifting for you. It sorts through dozens of investment options to develop an investment plan that fits you and your financial needs perfectly. MoGro will then seamlessly invest your money for you with long-established, SIPC insured investment companies. You don’t even have to lift a finger.”

MoGro is still working towards their launch but it looks very promising. You can go to their website and submit your email to get the latest info directly.

Try it out, we’re definitely going to!

The WP Team


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