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A List of Lists for Entrepreneurs

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Posted on December 24, 2009 by admin

Bang for Your BuckAs if year-end wrap up lists weren’t enough fun by themselves, I thought I’d share another particularly good ‘list of lists’ specifically designed for small business owners.

SmallBizBee compiles a list of their most popular published list, to create the Top 10 Small Business List Posts of 2009 master list.

Ranging from topics such as free online classes and business training, to customer acquisition, marketing tips, and more, SmallBizBee’s got helpful lists, tips and suggestions for entrepreneurs of all stripes, with all types of business needs.  And their year-end list of lists does a great job of bringing together a list of their most popular ones of 2009.

  1. 85 Absolutely Free Online Business Classes
  2. 105 Absolutely Free Online Business Videos and Lectures
  3. 10 Ways to Market Your Business When You’re Broke
  4. 10 Ways to Advertise Your Business On the Cheap
  5. 13 Ways to Win Customers for Free
  6. 10 Tools Every Small Business Marketer Should Have on Hand
  7. 9 Powerful SEO Tips for your Small Business Website
  8. Over 90 Field Tested Guerrilla Marketing Tactics
  9. 5 Things They Don’t Teach You in Business School About Being an Entrepreneur
  10. 20 Surefire Ways to Use Twitter for Business

With an unpredictable economy, record unemployment, a virtual freeze on small business lending, and reduced growth in businesses across the country, 2009 has been a year when ‘bootstrapping’ your small business has come back in style.  As a result, understanding what tools are available to help entrepreneurs get the most bang for their buck has been an on-going theme.

To wrap up 2009, and hopefully to help ring a more prosperous 2010, I will focus my last week of 2009 blog posts on free and/or low-cost tools to help entrepreneurs start, grow and manage their business.  And as we wind down 2009, I’d love to hear from WorkingPoint customers and visitors, on what tools you’ve found and use for your business that simply make your life easier.

Besides WorkingPoint, of course.

In the meantime, best wishes for a Merry Christmas.

Alora Chistiakoff is an entrepreneur, content strategist and project manager who has been developing online business and technology for startups for more than a decade.  She co-owns The Indigo Heron Group, Inc., a content strategy firm in Austin, Texas.

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