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Importing Contacts into WorkingPoint- Neat Trick #4

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Posted on October 13, 2009 by workingpoint

Did you know that you can import your contacts into WorkingPoint even if you don’t have an Outlook CSV file from Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo! Or a vCard file from Mac Address Book, Gmail or Yahoo!? If you can copy and paste your contacts into a CSV file, you can import them into WorkingPoint.

Here’s what you do:

  • If your account is new, enter one contact record into WorkingPoint by hand so there is something in the list to use as an example (You can delete it later).
  • Export your WorkingPoint Contacts List by clicking the Export to CSV icon at the top of the list next to the printer icon
    vCard and CSV icons

    vCard and CSV icons

    • WorkingPoint will create a CSV file of your contacts list. This file can be used as a template to import into WorkingPoint.
  • Copy and paste the contacts you want to import into the new template.
  • From the Contacts List, click Import Contacts
  • Upload the template using Option 1: Outlook CSV
  • Click Import Contacts

The more time you spend with WorkingPoint, the more ways you’ll find that it can help your business. For more information on importing contacts, click here.

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