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How To Create An Invoice

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Posted on October 20, 2009 by workingpoint


Creating an invoice is very easy and there are many ways to create an invoice. You can create an invoice using an invoice template, such as an Excel invoice template, a Microsoft Word invoice template, a PDF invoice template, or simply filling out a pre-printed invoice form. However, all these methods are time consuming because:

  • It takes time to figure out how to fill out the forms.
  • Its difficult to add all the item costs together and to calculate the sales tax.
  • You have to keep track of the items on your invoice.
  • You still have to print, address, stuff and stamp the invoice for sending via snail mail.

This is not to mention all the record keeping you’ll have to do such as making copies of your invoice, dating them, and finding places to organize, file and store your invoices.

This is exactly why you should use WorkingPoint free invoicing. With our free invoicing software you get to do all your invoicing online in a very easy manner. Here is why:

  • WorkingPoint Invoice forms are easy and clear to fill out
  • Invoice totals are automatically calculated, no need to get the calculator
  • All your items are stored in our inventory management system
  • You can make changes, add and delete items from your invoices easily
  • It’s a snap to send invoices via email
  • Or turn your invoice into a PDF to send to your customers or keep as a record
  • We store your invoices for you in the Amazon EC2 cloud, a safe place for your data
  • Free Invoicing means it will cost you absolutely nothing
  • Take your invoice with you anywhere. If you have an internet connection, you have a business!

Back in the days of locally installed Invoicing systems like Quickbooks, you had to download and install software to make invoices. With WorkingPoint you do not have to install or set up anything. You can create an invoice for your cleaning business, landscaping business, photography business, real estate or construction business, law firm or web development business or any other profession or consulting firm that requires invoicing.

Invoicing is important because it gets you paid! With WorkingPoint you create professional, custom invoices that will get you paid faster! Try WorkingPoint Now!

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