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Facebook: A New Frontier

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Posted on July 24, 2012 by workingpoint

In today’s connected world, the Internet and social media are playing an increasingly important business-marketing role. Companies from sole props to megacorps are using all manner of sites to market and grow their business; Facebook in particular seems to be a highly popular tool in achieving many businesses’ marketing goals. It goes without saying that as a small business owner, you too should use taking full advantage of these social media marketing opportunities!

Social networking is creating a huge shift in the way business owners market they. There is a movement away from traditional, paid media methods (think newspapers, magazines and billboards) to the more flexible, interactive form found in social media. According to a survey conducted by MerchantCircle (link), about 70 percent of business owners responded saying that they use Facebook as one of their main marketing strategies. The upshot of all this is that instead of a one-sided message, we are seeing conversations between companies and their customers. Facebook not only allows business owners to understand how customers are using their products, but also helps them to maintain a healthy and personable relationship with both current and future clients.

Through Facebook, many businesses are discovering new ways of engaging their clients with personalized, attractive and efficient means of communication and marketing. Some creative and successful marketing approaches have included: questions and updates, photos, noteworthy news, and business tips — all of which are updated consistently, yet non-aggressively. By allowing the customer to contribute and engage in different aspects of the business, Facebook has opened a new door for many business owners– and if done right, Facebook marketing can be hugely beneficial. To get started, keep your clients aware of your Facebook page and the importance of keeping in touch with your business. Provide incentives for your clients. As an interesting example, Palmetto Cheese has seen a huge increase in their Facebook followers as well as a boost in their sales revenue once they started using Facebook to promote their business, using tactics such as hosting online prize giveaways, posting recipes on Facebook, and having questions from customers answered in a timely and efficient manner. (USA Today) Remember to stay active and attentive: the importance of social networking lies in the term “network.” Through positive and efficient communication, you too can start create an effective social networking marketing strategy!

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