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CreativeNiche – “WorkingPoint Works!”

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Posted on August 20, 2009 by admin

The following is an actual blog post from WorkingPoint Subscriber, Creative Niche:

WorkingPoint Works!

Simple things amuse simple minds.

….or so the old saying goes. Regardless of whether that applies to myself or not, I am amused and amazed at the bookkeeping program my business partner and I are using to keep track of our business.

Program: WorkingPoint

Rating: great! (okay, so that’s not really a rating, but it is really great…)

Still in love with the idea of cloud computing, my partner and I wanted a program that was

  1. Accessible by both of us 24/7 (web-based)
  2. Low-cost/cheap/free
  3. Easy to navigate/user-friendly
  4. Great to recommend to other small business owners, especially mobile entrepreneurs.

WorkingPoint has received big check marks for all four points from us. In about 10 minutes we were signed up (the “first user is free forever”), uploaded our logo, and had a professional invoice ready to go. I love the fact we can create quotes and email them directly from the program, which dovetails very nicely with our cloud-computing/paperless orientation. (After all, you have to practice what you preach.)

Caveat: We don’t have a large number of users, customers, items, or invoices so I can’t vouch for using WorkingPoint for mid-size companies or even small companies with a large database of one kind of another. But I do know we are very pleased with the program so far.

Did I mention the first user is free!? I love that word.

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