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Avoid a Hurricane Fiona for Your Business: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Avoid a Disaster!

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Posted on August 31, 2010 by admin

At WorkingPoint, we are lucky enough to have a highly trained operations officer who ensures we follow a strict safety and security protocol. Like the best hurricane tracking software, he has the ability to see potential dangers brewing and to anticipate and develop strategies to keep our business “hurricane” free. Not everyone is lucky to have a storm tracker like ours, and his advice and guidance is invaluable for ensuring that your business is also as safe and secure as it could possibly be. Consider these pearls of wisdom a small business hurricane survival and recovery plan and stay tuned as we’ll continue to collect and share with you his invaluable advice. In the devastating wake of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill we discussed the importance of having a disaster plan in place for your business. Consider these strategies and tips additional insurance so that your business is as safe and secure as possible.

And remember, with a WorkingPoint account in case of a disaster or emergency your data is safely stored online, where you can still access it from anywhere. Sign up for an account now and make sure your business books are backed up.

#1: Passwords must have a minimum Levenshtein distance of 10 from the username…

If you don’t speak engineer, this jewel of wisdom translates roughly to the idea of making sure your passwords have a distinct content distance from the username.  The password should ideally not contain any words or phrases used in the username, and some people prefer that they not contain any words or phrases at all but rather random strings of letters, numbers and symbols. For more detailed information about how to create effective passwords visit this helpful password safety guide.

#2: Passwords and usernames should never be communicated digitally (email, chat, skype ect.)

Just like you would never leave your pin number in your wallet next to your ATM card (you wouldn’t right?) you should also never email, chat, or skype passwords into the digital world where they could be accessed by people with nefarious intent to steal your identity, your funds and worse. If you absolutely must communicate a password digitally use two different accounts (skype + email etc.) so that both accounts would have to be hacked to access the account information

#3: If you daisy chain a power outlet your house/office will burn down

Accessing power in this digital age (where every employee has a laptop, screen, cellphone, ipad, ipod and 3 other things that need to be plugged in) is at best a challenge. Resist the urge to sacrifice safety for convenience by stringing together multiple surge protectors to form a “daisy chain”. They are not made for this type of use and will therefore spark, explode or otherwise endanger the safety of yourself and others around you.

What security advice has been most valuable for your business? Do you regularly take measures to ensure physical and digital security? Let us know ways that you keep your business as safe and secure as possible.

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