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And the Winner is…

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Posted on November 10, 2009 by admin

Small Business AwardOne of the reasons that an entrepreneur strikes out on their own after leaving ‘cubical nation’ is to be rewarded (a.k.a. paid) for doing what they love.  The Small Business Administration takes this idea to a whole new level every year with National Small Business Week.

Covering topics such as Entrepreneurial Development, Small Business Lenders, State-by-state winners for Small Business Person of the Year, and National Small Business Champion, the awards are designed to showcase the best of small business, provide incredible visibility and networking opportunities, all while rewarding entrepreneurs for doing what they love. (How often does that happen?)

As Carol Tice of Entrepreneur Magazine notes, running your own business is long on work and short on glory, so wouldn’t it be nice to have the chance to get a little bit of kudos for helping lift the economy back to its feet?

Time is short, however: the application deadline for entry is this Friday, November 13.  The celebration will be held in Washington D.C. next May 23-25.  (Last year’s celebration videos are available online.)

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