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1099 Tax Reporting Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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Posted on November 25, 2009 by admin

Reports_TaxIn addition to our newly added 1099 tax report, the WorkingPoint team is hard at work building new tools to help you more easily complete your income taxes by enabling you to map your business expenses to IRS Form 1040 Schedule C and calculate your estimated income taxes.

“Our new tax features are designed to allow small business owners to collect and organize all the necessary information for tax preparation, saving them a great deal of time and effort,” said WorkingPoint CEO Tate Holt. “As companies look to get their books closed before the end of the year, these new enhancements enable our customers to accomplish tax preparation tasks simply and easily.”

The tax features are part of our Premium offering and will all be available by the end of year. Earlier this month, we expanded our free offering, allowing existing – and new – subscribers to add an additional user to their accounts for no additional charge.

“We listened to the feedback from our growing community of small business customers and are very happy to provide WorkingPoint subscribers with the benefit of adding an additional free user,” added Holt. “Our free version is complete, uncomplicated, and very high quality. In addition, we’ve expanded our value proposition for our paying customers with our latest new tax preparation features, which also includes account access for up to five people for only ten dollars a month.”

For a list of features included with our free and premium offerings along with corresponding prices, go to

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