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Photos from WorkingPoint Wednesday: Making Small Business Bookkeeping Cool Again

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Posted on August 26, 2010 by admin

As you know, WorkingPoint strongly endorses events as a way to build community around your brand and your small business. We want to be more to do more for our community than just provide accounting services. We try to be more than just a business accounting software or a digital version of a bookkeeper, we try to be role models for small businesses like ourselves and “eat our own dog food“. So we use WorkingPoint as our accounting software, and any small business software (be it payroll software or social media related) we recommend to you we also use ourselves. And when we reccomend that you use events to network your business, we also plan events ourselves! WorkingPoint Wednesday is a networking event for the amazing small companies who we are lucky enough to share space with at SOMACentral.

Below is the invitation I made using this awesome website called Polyvore. It’s a fashion site, used to create beautiful collages by fashionistas and dabblers alike. I love using it so much (it’s so fun!) and I love how great my sets turn out (they have the best fonts!) so I decided to see if I could use it to create the event invitation. The engineers here were also impressed with the site design and functionality.

I love the way the invitation turned out and it only took me about 15 minutes to make (plus revisions from the team!) and then I used a screenshot to create the PDF which we emailed out.

If you want to see the photos from the event, visit our Facebook page and don’t forget to “like” us!

The Invitation

  • Larry Keltto

    Hi Dena:

    Thanks for the heads-up on Polyvore — very nice resource. Have you ever done online networking “events” for WorkingPoint? If so, how did you do it? Thanks!


    • dstern

      Hey Larry!
      Thank you so much for being loyal reader, I am always so flattered. We’ve never done an online networking event but that’s a cool idea. I’m going to do some research! One interesting one to check out is Tony Hsieh’s Delviering Happiness Tour Online Happy Hour?

  • Sparky Firepants

    You guys are definitely social. Makes me wish I was a neighbor.

    Glad to see you have a Facebook Fan page. I like seeing the faces of the people behind the companies I work with. Nice!

    • dstern

      Thanks for visiting it! We “like” Botpreneur too!