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Online Company Profiles Best Practices

Update Your Company Profile Status Often

Like Facebook, you can update visitors to your “>Company Profile front and center, just below your company name – this is a great place to let your visitors know about special promotions, share inspirational gems, or just let them know how the weather is in your neck of the woods.

Link Your Twitter Feed to Your Company Profile

If you’re addicted to Twitter, like us, link your feed to your “>WorkingPoint Company Profile and increase your readership. Visitors to your profile will be able to view teaser copy from your blog posts so they can get hooked and then click over to read the full post.

What is an Online Company Profile?

You may be familiar with “>Company Profiles are more than just online listings; in additional to your basic contact information, they can include your logo and pictures of your product, detailed information about your products or services and your team, and ways to connect to your website and other social media outlets.

Why Should I Create an Online Company Profile?

One of the biggest things to happen to small business is the Internet. No matter where your business is located or what you’re selling, you can market your business online and the whole world is your potential customer. Trouble is 26 million other small businesses are doing the same thing.

These days it takes more than just posting a single website on the Internet to get noticed and #drive”>Create profiles for your company and take advantage of the free ways to build your online presence and in turn, your customer base.

How Do I Create an Online Company Profile in WorkingPoint?

A #market”>market your company online, increase your SEO, and communicate with others. With a few clicks, your profile can be shared with the WorkingPoint community or the entire Internet. Sharing your profile is a simple, no-cost way to tell others about your company, your products and services, and your team.

In addition to “>WorkingPoint Company Profile, you can decide what and whom to include. Starting with your contact information – you can choose to display your address or phone number, both or none at all. You can also decide which image to display in your profile. For example, you may choose include a picture of your product line instead of your logo so you can show off your stuff.

Add as much or as little information about your business in the “About Your Company” section of the profile. This is a great place to “>WorkingPoint Company Profile to introduce yourself. Brag about your team and their accomplishments, and how they help you make your business a success and what they can do to give your customers have the best customer experience. Enable messaging and you and your team can “>WorkingPoint Company Profile and you’ll pull marketing and social media efforts together and offer a really nice view of your company.