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Contact Management Best Practices

Reach Out to Your Customers As Often As You Can

With a growing number of small businesses on the Internet, personal relationships with your customers can be hard to establish. Still, you can reach out to your customers through email, direct mail or a phone call to keep that line of communication open. Sign up with WorkingPoint partner VerticalResponse and take advantage of the leading email campaign management tool out on the market today to send and manage your email and direct mail marketing campaigns.

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Connect with You

Setting up a free WorkingPoint Company Profile will get you online quickly or help promote your current website. But it also provides another valuable service: it lets people get in contact with you via messaging. Your contacts can send you a message directly from your Company Profile web page and they are added to your inbox, where you can reply to them as you see fit. WorkingPoint will even send you a notification to your email account so you know when to check your Company Profile messages.

Print Your Customer and Vendor Contact Lists

By filtering your Contacts List to show Customers or Vendors, you can view important contact information by contact type. If you don’t have a computer for everyone in your company, print out the lists and keep them by phones throughout your facility so you and your staff can reach out to customers and follow up on current orders or contact the vendors you want to place orders with or follow up on current shipments.

What is Contact Management?

Most small businesses don’t need a full-blown CRM (customer relationship management) system to manage their contact information, especially since most CRM systems tend to be account focused and not people focused. Small business owners want to be able to quickly and easily access up-to-date information about the people they do business with. Small business contact contact management software help you organize and track information about your contacts and your interactions with them.

Why Should I Manage My Contacts?

Your customers and vendors are your most valuable resources, and information about them is an important asset. Good contact management system software will store information on how to reach your contact, such as phone number, email, address, etc.; track your interactions with your contacts; aggregate important business metrics, like sales volume; and let you store miscellaneous details about your contact that you can refer to later.

If your contact information is currently stored in rolodexes, or in Outlook, and information about your customer sales and vendor purchases is stored in another system, like your bookkeeping system, you are missing out on the benefits good contact management software has to offer.

For starters, by keeping contact information together, accessible and current, you’ll be able to readily connect with your contacts by phone, email, or snail mail. You won’t have to hunt around for the latest information about your contacts, since keeping information in more than one place means one of the places is likely not updated.

You’ll gain valuable insight into your customers’ purchasing habits, so you can spot sales trends by product, location or season. Identifying purchasing habits and sales trends helps you market your products or services in a strategic way that results in improved sales.

Keeping connected with your customers makes it possible for you to meet their needs and meeting their needs means you stay in business longer.

How Do I Manage My Contacts with WorkingPoint?

At WorkingPoint, we know you don’t do business with companies – you do business with people. And WorkingPoint provides small businesses everything they really need to connect with the people that matter most. Customers, vendors, prospects and friends & family, all of the information about the people that are important to you can be stored in your WorkingPoint Contacts List where it can be easily accessed online from any location.

With many places to add contacts throughout WorkingPoint, like the dashboard quick-add panel and on invoices or bills, you can quickly and easily build your contact base without any extra work. Our easy import tool will help you bring in your contacts from other locations like your email accounts or other applications so you don’t miss a beat. You can even export your Contact List if you want to share your list or import it into another application, like VerticalResponse – the leader in self-service email marketing.

WorkingPoint small business contact management software takes a lot of the work out of managing contacts for you. By automatically tracking your relationship to your contacts and organizing sales and purchase history, WorkingPoint provides you a view into your contacts that helps you get to know your customers and vendors effortlessly.