Web-based software for tracking your business:


WorkingPoint makes it a breeze to invoice your customers:

  • Create professional invoices for products and services
  • One-click emailing and PDF printing
  • Collect payment with PayPal (get paid faster)
  • Automatically bill your customers at regular intervals
  • Include shipping charges and sales tax
  • Quickly record and track customer payments
  • Gain insight into receivables
  • Fully integrated accounting and inventory management

Accounting software

You don't have to be an expert to manage your business finances:

  • Easily record and categorize transactions
  • WorkingPoint handles the debits and credits, so you don't have to
  • View a list of all transactions
  • Perform adjusting and closing entires as needed
  • Analyze your business through powerful reporting
  • Fully integrated invoicing and inventory management


Painless expense and bill management:

  • Quickly record expenses
  • Enter bills for amounts to be paid later
  • Track payments, vendors and purchase history
  • Gain insight into payables (money you owe)
  • Purchase inventory


Inventory management is made simple with WorkingPoint:

  • Invoicing automatically adjusts inventory levels
  • Know the quantities and value of inventory items
  • Track average inventory costs
  • Easily make inventory adjustments
  • Automatically track cost of goods sold
  • Import products and services
  • Monitor top sellers


Enter transactions and WorkingPoint generates instant financial statements for you screen, Excel and PDF:


Enter transactions and WorkingPoint will provide essential information for tax filing:

  • 1099 reporting
  • Estimated quarterly taxes
  • Schedule C


Build a stronger business with good communication:

  • Easily accessible contact information
  • Tools for tracking client relationships
  • Manage multiple contacts for a company
  • View customer sales history through full integration with accounting and invoicing
  • Quickly remind customers of their account status
  • Easy important and exporting